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Continuous Chest Compression/Pet CPR

The Continuous Chest Compression CPR is designed to teach the skills of CPR without ventillations to lay rescuers. Rescuers are trained  in adult continuous chest compression CPR, Heimlich maneuver and the automated external defibrillator (AED).

  This new method of CPR increases the number of compressions a responder should administer and is highly effective in saving lives. This method is recommended by the Sarver Heart Center at the University of Arizona and the Tucson Fire Department. $ 10.00 fee per student. Course length 1 and a half hours.

This class is also paired with CPR methods used to assist a pet that has become unconscious, is not breathing, or their heart has stopped due to trauma, illness or seizure. 

This course is available as a private class date, time and location of your choice. $15 Fee per student. Course length 2 hours.

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